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We are developing our business of exporting high quality Japanese used cars to the fast-growing overseas used car market.

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December 20th, 2019
Holiday Closing Notice
December 20th, 2019
Beware of fake websites
April 17th, 2019
We updated our website.

Business Overview

At G-7.CrownTrading, we sell and export high quality Japanese used cars to meet the needs of the fast-growing global market.
Vehicles which are no longer needed in Japan, and our environmental initiatives, are popular overseas as resales. We currently export reliable Japanese vehicles to countries around the world.
Along with our international staff, partners and important personnel, we respond to the changes in the vehicle trends of the times through our vehicle exporting business, and contribute to the community through the invigoration of the car society.

Recruitment Information

A workplace environment full of opportunities to demonstrate your abilities. How about realizing your potential with us?
By rising to the challenge, people grow and advance to the next step.
In our company, you will have many opportunities to test your abilities.
We are looking for you, who rises to even the most difficult of challenges.