Business Introduction

Trading cars from Japan to overseas with the power of internet

At G-7.CrownTrading, we sell and export high quality Japanese used cars to meet the needs of the fast-growing global market.
Vehicles which are no longer needed in Japan, and our environmental initiatives, are popular overseas as resales. We currently export reliable Japanese vehicles worldwide.
Along with our international staff, partners and important personnel who will work with us in the future, we will respond to the changes in the vehicle trends of the times through our vehicle exporting business, and contribute to the community through the invigoration of the car society.
From now on, we plan to expand the company with sales branches overseas, and to increase the number of clients. You can expect to see G-7.CrownTrading continue to grow.

Business related to trade

  • New development of suppliers, and negotiation agent service

  • Support for product export to overseas companies

  • Support in starting new trading businesses

  • Support for Japanese companies entering overseas markets

  • Support for overseas companies entering the Japanese market

Customers’ requests related to vehicles

Even if you cannot speak a foreign language, there is no need to worry.
Let us handle all dealings with overseas customers.
We handle all export customs clearance and money collection on your behalf.